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看完這部片 才真正了解 為什麼 愛德華 可以名列 十大性感男星..真的是太帥了, 尤其那雙電眼...oh my god..

Isn't it enough for you to live a long, happy life with me?

底下是愛德華跟貝拉在片尾時跳舞的歌曲, 加上心動的對話, 簡直是整個都溶化掉了...

Iron & Wine--Flightless Bird, American Mouth

I was a quick, wet boy
Diving too deep for coins
All of your street light eyes
Wide on my plastic toys
Then when the cops closed the fair
I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map
And called for you everywhere

Have I found you, Flightless Bird;
Jealous, weeping?
Or lost you, American Mouth;
Big billed, looming?

Now I’m a fat house cat
Nursing my sore, blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats
Curl through the wide fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean
Blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you?, Flightless Bird;
Grounded, bleeding?
Or lost you, American Mouth;
Big billed, stuck going down

底下是一些些電影的旁白, 供大家享用囉.

"Bella." His fingers lightly traced the shape of my lips.
"貝拉" 他的手指輕輕畫著我的嘴唇

"I will stay with you — isn't that enough?"
"我愛妳一輩子 難道還不夠嗎?"

I smiled under his finger tips. "Enough for now."
我在他指尖下微笑著 "現在夠了"

I touched his face. "Look," I said.
我撫著他的臉說  "聽我說 "

"I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn't that enough?"
我愛你超過全世界的總和 這樣夠嗎

"Yes, it is enough," he answered, smiling. "Enough for forever."
"是的 夠了" 他微笑著回 "足夠到永遠"

愛德華:Do I dazzle you?     我讓妳暈眩了嗎?

愛德華:Do you truly believe that you care more for me than I do for you?

愛德華:I will stay with you - isn't that enough? 我會留在妳身邊 這樣還不夠嗎?

愛德華:It makes me anxious to be away from you. 因為要遠離妳讓我變得焦慮

愛德華:I told you - you don't see yourself clearly at all.
You're not like anyone I've ever known. You fascinate me.
我告訴過妳- 妳並不是真的了解妳自己不像我認識的任何人 我為妳著迷

愛德華:I promise...I swear not to hurt you. 我承諾 我發誓絕對不會傷害妳

愛德華:The blush on your cheeks is lovely. 妳的臉頰泛紅時很美麗

愛德華:Are you still faint from the run? Or was it my kissing expertise?
妳還因為剛才的跑步而感到虛弱嗎? 還是因為我的親吻功力?

愛德華:Could you believe that? despite everything I've put you through, I love you, too.

儘管發生了這一切,但妳要相信- 我也愛妳

愛德華:It was impossible to stop. Impossible. But I did. I must love you.
我差點停不下來 差點失敗但我還是做到了,我一定很愛妳

愛德華:Bring on the shackles - I'm your prisoner.
戴著手銬腳鐐 我是妳的囚犯

愛德華:It’s you and your scent. Like a drug to me. 你身上有獨特的氣,像藥一樣迷幻我

愛德華:You’re my own personal brand of heroin.你是讓我上癮的海洛因



Edward: You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you... So, the lion fell in love with the lamb.


Bella: What a stupid lamb!


Edward: What a sick, masochistic lion.



About three things I was absolutely positive.


The first… Edward was a vampire.


The second – there was a part of him, and I don’t know how dominant that part might be.. that thirsted of my blood.


And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.
1. I'm not afraid of you, I'm only afraid of losing you.


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